Oņati, former county built up during middle age, is a town located in the heart of Guipuzcoa. The town itself and itīs countryside offer an incomparable natural surroundings and a varied and interesting cultural offer for every traveller.

These are some points of interest we can find near the Hotel.

The Sancti Spiritus University First university of the Basque Country, built up between 1540-1548, is currently the best exponent of the renaissance civil art in the Basque Country. It worked since 1551 to 1901 and degrees such as law, theology, philosophy, liberal arts and medicine were taught. It was founded by Rodrigo Mercado de Zuazola, born in Oņati, a humanist with ample formation who took important charges such as Bishop of Mallorca and Avila, Virrey of Navarra, President of the Chantilleria de Granada, Royal Advisor and friend of the Cardinal Cisneros, etc. (500m. away from the hotel)

The Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park The Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park belongs to the natural corridor which links The Pyreness and The Cantabrian Mountains. It divides the water in 2 slopes: North (Cantabrian) and South (Mediterranean). We can find beautiful orografical diversity, as the top mountain of the Basque Country which is Aitxuri (1551 metres). The massif is formed by a crest of limestone summits aligned north-west to south-east all in a row at the south of the Gipuzkoa Province, namely Aloņa, Aizkorri, Aketegi (the ancient dwelling of the goddess Mari) and Aratz. We also find hollows like Urbia and canyons like Arantzazu and Jaturabe, among other things.

The Sanctuary of ‘Nuestra Seņora de Aranzazu’ The Sanctuary of ‘Nuestra Seņora de Aranzazu’ is a Franciscan sanctuary located in Oņate, Basque Country. The shrine is a much appreciated place among Gipuzkoans, with the virgin of Aranzazu standing for the main worship figure and patron of the province. The shrine is located at an altitude of 750 metres and is surrounded by mountains and vegetation (just 9 km away from the hotel)

Caves of Arrikrutz APioneer of the spelunking, archaeological and paleontological investigations in Euskadi, Arrikrutz offers a 60 minute trip to the depths ot this 14 km. long cave. Guides will explain its origins, its geological shape or some of its paleontological discoveries. (6km. away from the Hotel)

The valley of Araotz The valley of Araotz is one of the most hidden place along Gipuzkoa. It is situated between the Aizkorri-, Zaraia-, and Elgea-Mountain ranges, in a basin where you can arrive via Jaturabe’s narrow pass. The entrance is vertiginous. The road goes down and it takes a nose-dive towards a wooded abyss under the mountain Orkatzategi. The main face of this mountain opens up the big eye of Aitzulo which looks to be keeping an eye on us. Aitzulo is a top visited place where you can also practice climbing.

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The Hotel is just 45 min away from San Sebastian, 30 min away from Vitoria, 1h away from Bilbao and Pamplona.

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